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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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evening i'm james tengan in tokyo, welcome to "newsline." thai authorities questioning a second man in connection with bangkok bombings. police have not identified him but prime minister helped piece together parts of the case. police arrested the man tuesday near the cambodian border. they said he was trying to leave thailand illegally. they say he's a foreigner but have not released his
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nationality. they say he resembles the man in the yellow t-shirt caught on camera before the explosion occurred. they say the man is a key expect who may help reveal details about the bombings. the man is the second suspect to be arrested in the case. police have obtained seven arrest warrants. they believe a single group of more than 10 people are responsible for the two blasts. they say they have been helping chinese uighurs leave. they say a crackdown of uighurs staying in thailand may have motivated the attacks. thousands of migrants from the middle east are continuing to flow into european countries. leaders of the eu are facing one of their biggest challenges in decades to deal with the huge influx of people. nhk world has more. >> reporter: german chancellor angela merkel asked all eu
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member countries to play their role. merkel even touched on changing the union's policy of open waters. all eu members must do their part to accept migrants. if we don't succeed in achieving a fair distribution in the region the agreements will be called into question. the reason for merkel's emphasis on equal commitments is simple. this year more than 320,000 people have fled into europe so far. many are heading for germany, which decided last month to allow syrian refugees arriving from elsewhere in europe will the country expected to receive as many as 800,000 refugees this year. people are coming in mainly by two routes. they cross the mediterranean sea and arrive in italy or greece or they take the overland route
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entering turkey and then traveling through greece and former yugoslav republics. in either case they are aiming to reach an economically rich country in europe like germany. hungary is the main gateway for those taking the overland route. the border between hungary and austria have been chaotic as migrants try to cross. trains bound for germany have been stuck at the station because the number of passengers was well over capacity. >> now train is stopping. problem, i don't know of. >> reporter: hungary is setting up a razor wire fence to try to prevent people from crossing but it doesn't look le it's serving its purpose. countries on the c route are also facing difficult times.
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greek government official commissioned cruise ships to carry migrants to athens in the hope of having better control over people flowing onto their islands. but the measure is not keeping up with the pace of the influx. locals voice their distrust because the problem is having the big impact on their key industry tourism. >> translator: our industry as a whole has incurred a loss of millions of euros. we need more ships. >> reporter: european union ministers will hold an emergency meeting on september 14th to did you how to copy with the crisis. they are expected to introduce a policy to make a distinction between those fleeing war and so-called economic migrants.
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unless they can come up with solutions, europe's long-standing open border policy could come under further pressure. nhk world. >> thanks for the update. members of japan's forces teamed up with military in a drill at the signed soo to work together. simulating taking our targets and landing on a stretch of coastline in california. more than 1,000 sdf perpel taking part. deploying helicopters. some 3,000 service members are also involved. they sent ships to bolster the firepower. about 40 sdf and u.s. marines on the hilltop confirmed position of a target on the beach and radioed vessels offshore. u.s. and japanese ships opened fire and blasted the location. >> it's very important to
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familiarize yourself with the procedures and differences in procedure between us and the japanese self-defense force. >> the marine chief said it's essential for the two sides to work together smoothly if they have to partner up. organizers of the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics may be facing damages if they decide to scrap the game's official logos. they ditched theesign of kenjiro sano over allegations of plagiarism. >> he told us he wants to withdraw them as creator. we respect his position and pulled them so we can immediately start looking for new emblems. >> the organizers said they would not pay sano the prize money worth about $8300.
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they say the impact of scrapping the logos will be limited. san okay is standing by his design. he released a comment through his company denying plagiarism or copying, but he apologized to the organizers for copying make of his other work. he admitted to using images without permission for a tokyo airport and buildings. a graphic designer in belgium filed a lawsuit in august against the international olympic committee. he said sano's logo closely resembles one of his design and was seeking to stop the ioc's use of the emblem. >> translator: i'm surprised the organizers have acknowledged the problem. their decision is in line with my request. >> but he saidel not consider with drawing the lawsuits until after the hearing scheduled later this month. he wants to confirm the ioc's position first. the minister in charge of tokyo olympics and par olympic games
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said with drawing the emblems was a serious position. >> translator: i think the game's organizing committee, the emblem's screening committee and did he siper all bear responsibility for the problem. >> the organizers could be facing lawsuits for damages from sponsor companies that used the logos. they allowed the production of posters, clothing and other goods bearing the emblems even after the controversy arose. organizers are hoping to minimize the fallout. they say the plan to accept applications for a new set of logos as soon as possible and they want to make the application process easier. the organizers say the initial logo contest had 104 entries. applicants had to win multiple awards and contests recognized by the committee. the organizers were criticized for not having enough entries. emblems for the 2008 games in beijing were chosen from more than 10,000 designs.
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a struggling electronics maker in japan is selling off its head office building. gene otani joins us with more on that and a wrap-up of today's business headlines. gene. >> thanks, james. sharp executives are in talks to sell the company's headquarters building in the western yap niece building of osaka to leading furnituremaker. nitori holdings. part of a plan. sharp has used it as its main base for nearly a century. company official say once the deal goes through they will pay rent on the facilitate and continue using the head office until they find a new location. meanwhile the firm has another building it wants to sell. this one is across the street from the headquarters. the buyer is expected to be real estate firm ntt urban development. sharp posted a net loss of $1.7 billion for the last business year, mainly due to poor sales in its core liquid crystal display business. under the company's streamlining
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plan, more than 3,000 employees will voluntarily retire at the end of this month. online video distributor netflix launched its service in japan. the u.s.-based firm has 65 million subscribers around the world. the company's lowest priced plan is 702 yen or about $6 per monday. for this viewers in jan can stream as many movies and cartoons as they like. netflix also makes original content. some ofity cram as have won emmy awards. other firms expect to benefit from growth in the on demand media market. amazon will launch video streaming in japan. major mobile phone carriers are gearing up to provide more video content. japanese talks extended losses on wednesday after a nearly 4% plunge the previous day. for details let's go to our business reporter at the tokyo
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stock exchange. >> reporter: the nikkei swayed between positive and negativ territory wi many investors remaining cautious amid lingering concerns over china's economy. let's look how the bench marks performed. nikkei fell closed at 18,095. it fluctuating during the session. the broader topix down .8%. many have seen the level at a crucial line. below 18,000 before its closing time it triggers more selling orders. companies sensitive to commodity prices such as trading house were lower. one of japan's biggest trading houses fell about 2.4%. electronics makers dependent on chinese markets were hit hard as well with hitachi falling 2.5%. high volume trading in large cap did lend some support to the
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benchmark. companies like fast retailing and fanuc were higher. this shows investors becoming defense and playing it fe. they were sensitive to a global economic slowdown. looks like uncertainty may tip to have a hold on the markets. reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. aiko thanks. other market in the pacific region also saw wild swings. the shanghai composite shed 0.2 to close at 3160. index losses plunged 4% in the morning. analysts say investors specululed government backed funds bought shares to support the market. hang seng tumbled since close in 2013. index lost nearly 1.2%. losses in financials and energy related shares dragged down the benchmark. sydney edged o 0.1%. weaker than expected gdp figures
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dragged oun sentiment. indonesia fell by a quarter of 1%. here is a look at some of the other business stories we're following. analysts at research pirm firm auto data say carmakers sold 1.6 million vehicles in the u.s. last month. this is positive news despite being half a percent down from a year earlier. that's because august this year had one less business day than in 2014. the latest figure expanded to one year would make for the highest annual sales in over 10 years. measures by japan's central bank have raised the country's monetary base for the 13th straight month. bank of japan officials say their monetary easing efforts brought the figure at the end of august to over 327 trillion yen or $2.7 trillion. that's increase of almost 3% of a year earlier. expanding the base in an attempt to reach its 2% inflation
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target. sales at five major japanese department stores grew last month from a year earlier. sales were up more than 5% and 4% and 3%. retailers say sales to foreign visitors remain brisk mainly in large stores in urban areas. one firm has come up with a new way to tackle a serious problem in southeast asia. mosquito-bor mosquito-bor mosquito-borne dengue fever has become a problem in malaysia. paint developed is attracting attention as a method of infection control. nhk world has more. >> reporter: getting more than a
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new look. the workers are painting on the walls to keep mosquitoes at bay. the paint at this store. >> translator: i want to see whether the paint wards off mosquitoes. dengue fever is very scary. >> reporter: last year the number of people infected in asia jumped from 110,000. one reason from the increase is r rapid buildings going up. improvements infrastructure, such as drainage, has not. this has created an environment in which mosquitoes thrive. seeing a business opportunity, a
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japanese paintmaker began developing the mosquito repellant paint. the paint is a product of joint research with a university. it was put on the market a year ago. the effect of the paint, a state run institute in malaysia. mosquitoes put in two sets of containers. the containers on the right are coated with paint at the moment. the rest are not painted. fifteen mants later, mosquitoes on the left are sitting. on the left are avoiding the paint area. this hospital also realizes the
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effectiveness of the paint. a neighborhood painted its wall confirmed rising patients were being bitten by mosquitoes. they have to spray strong bug repellent every morning to keep mosquitoes away. but since the paint was applied, they no longer need to do so. >> i would strongly recommend this. all the others be given a new coat of paint so their patients can feel safe. >> reporter: the paint has become known by word of mouth since it was put on the market. sellg as fast as an ordinary new paint product.
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>> translator: we'd like to offer this successful product to neighbors countries and help many more customers. >> reporter: the japanese technology is helping people protect their health from infectious diseases. akiko, nhk world, kuala lumpur. >> and that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets. an entrepreneur in seoul
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working hard to build business opportunities between south and north korea. he's seen recent tension between the two nations affect his operations but he's finding creative ways to keep his products and profits on track. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: a unique shop has opened in seoul specializing in products made in north korea. it sells clothes and related goods. it's the first of its kind in the south. the shop is more than a store, a cooperative run by south korea small and medium-sized companies and sells the products they make at the complex. the shop's slogan is made in gaeseong. played a major roll in setting up the shop. he started producing eight yrs ago at the complex.
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he said he closely monitored the latest rise intentions between the two koreas. >> translator: i was so shocked by recent event. i was afraid i would suffer a loss like 2013 when tensions aked. fortunately the situation was brought under control. i'm relieved. >> more than 120 south korean firms operate factories in gaeseong north korea. they operate technology and funds while they provide land and labor for the joint complex. about 54 north koreans are working there. but the situation is unstable. north korea union p closed a complex for five months in response to jointishlt trils by u.s. and south korea. suffered $5 million in revenue.
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he was unable to produce underwear during that period. so he decided to prepare for any spike in interkorea tensions by bringing his own firm and 11 others at the complex together to create a unified brand. they maintain a supply line and help each other out. >> translator: the gaeseong industrial complex is a brand. everybody in south korea knows it. when they hear our brand's name, they know we sell merchandise made at the complex in gaeseong. >> reporter: most official participating in the complex used major brands, now they do not have to rely on anyone else. they also began developing their own products by exchanging ideas with one another. consumers have been responding
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positively. >> translator: the brand sells high quality products. the designs are as good as brands popular among people. >> translator: i hope i'll be some help in bringing about peace between the two koreas by shopping at this store. >> translator: we make our products at the joint industrial complex in gaeseong when there's peace between the two koreas. i feel buying and selling merchandise from the facility means sharing peace with people in south korea. i also believe we'll help reunite the two koreas by making similar efforts. >> he hopes to open 30 new shops across north korea. he believes unified brand will attract the eye of consumers through its name and quality.
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nhk world, seoul. >> talks and power can bring people together of thanks for that report. tokyo saw sunshine after overcast skies and rain but weather is short-lived as cloudy and wet weather in the next few days. jonathon oh joins us starting with inundation in argentina. jonathan. >> it looks pretty serious for the moment because we are dealing with heavy rainfall, but the good news is, i think, that the rain is starting to end. now, we are making the transition into the meteorological spring season for the southern memorials fear. as we look at satellite respect, we do have the cloud and rain moving through bathe province. houses inundated in some
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portions of province and in the process also flooding pasture and that's causing these poor cows to have to go higher in elevation to try to find something to eat, because obviously when grass and the pastures are completely logged with water, the cattle cannot get access to the food. now, we're talking about flooding all over the place and really a mess. i said there's good news with this. what's happening, we do have a drying period taking place. hopefully that will allow the river to start receding and going back to what's normal. hopefully that means we'll see less of an impact for those living in the area once we see water departing the area. again, looking like a drier weather pattern going through the neck few days. as you look at the forecast for north amica, we do have an area dealing with very high amounts of rainfall. that's in the pacific northwest. now, notice we've been talking about the west coast for quite sometime. we've been concerned about the lack of rain and drought conditions persistent over the area. we do have a low that's spinning
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off of the pacific northwest, which is continually driving in the rainfall, but it is mainly located along the coastal areas for vancouver and seattle. so it's going to help them out but may also lead to potential flooding and areas with rain to the south and east, you're going to stay relatively dry as we go forward in time. temperatures cool, 15 for the high in vancouver, 18 in seattle. meanwhile the heat is on for the central portions of the united states. from the central to eastern portions of the u.s. highs in the therz all the way north to winnipeg and toronto, this is very warm for this time of year. make sure you're taking precautions if you're going to spend time outdoors. even along eastern seaboard 31 in new york city as we go through wednesday. we also are seeing the same type of heat located in europe for the eastern side of the continent we have set up a trough, the high area of winds, higher up in the atmosphere. that jet streak is moving toward
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the north and east, so that's allowing the thunderstorms and cooler weather to remain north and west but bringing all the hot air from the south and into the east. look at the high in kiev, 35 degrees for the high coming up wednesday, 36 in athens. so this is going to be a hot weather day for you. rain and storms extending from warsaw into paris for wednesday of as you wrap things up and look at east asia, a nice sunny afternoon in tokyo. we had a little bit of a break but we do have another frontal boundary, the same one that's been bringing wet weather from southern china into western japan, it will actually move back meaning more clouds thursday, a high of 28 degrees on thursday. like i said, rain from taipei to hong kong for morrow. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook. ♪ ♪
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visit our website and click on "contact us" in the upper right-hand corner. we'd love to hear from you. i'm james tengan. good-bye for now.
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>> these are the headlines. a suspect is in custody linked to the fire at a paris apartment building this morning that left eight dead. police investigating whether it was started intentionally. continues to block migrants from boarding trains west out of budapest. officials say they are just ules.wing eu r 50 african union soldiers from uganda are believed to have been killed in an attack by should bother m militants. the controversial


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